Innovative online software that is designed around members and club management! GigaBookings is a simple, intuitive on-line booking system yet it is also capable of handling very complex booking rules.It allows for quick and easy viewing of upcoming bookings that you or your opponents have made. If you do not know who the opponent is at the time of booking, choose “Hold” and you will be able to change it at a later time on the same Bookings screen. Once you specify an opponent, the booking details also appear on your opponent’s list of bookings.

GigaBookings works with courts (e.g. tennis, squash), massage, personal trainers and more.

Feature filled with rules, rules and more rules

  • Book online!

  • Your bookings are listed at the top.

  • No-one can book in your name without you knowing.

  • Optional confirmation e-mails on book/cancel/edit

  • Waitlist yourself for unlimited number of times/courts.

  • Automatic booking granting to waitlisted members or

  • First-come-first-serve clickfest on the day.

  • Set the starting time for each time slot.

  • Control the number of days ahead / time that bookings open.

  • Use either a 12 hour or 24 hour clock (e.g. 1 P.M. or 13h00)

  • Set demand levels per time slot.

  • Create membership classes.

  • Set advance booking limits per membership class.

  • Two names required booking rule

  • Decide how long before bookings “On Hold” are automatically cancelled.

  • Switch quickly between different bookings sheets.

  • Set names & colours for Booking Types (e.g. Lessons, League, Clinics)

  • Ban consecutive bookings.

  • Detailed audit trails

  • and much more.