Challenge ladders

A challenge ladder is a numbered list of players at a club or in a region where the best player is in position number 1 on the list and other players challenge each other to move up the list or ladder. If the challenger wins, the challenger will obtain the position of the challenged player, and the challenged player will move down by 1 position. All the players (if any) that the challenger has”leap-frogged” will also move down by 1 position.

Our ladders are different in that they are internet based and very flexible! They provide a great way for players to contact each other – contact details, including e-mail addresses are maintained by players themselves.


  • View members in your strike range

  • Challenge players in your strike range

  • Lock in on a player, if they move up and you win your match – you take their position.

  • Scores input reflect immediately on ladder.

  • View detailed history of each match you or your opponents have played

  • See graphs of your movements