Court Bookings

Our Court Bookings module is the most comprehensive online booking service available on the net today. Everything is option driven and all options are included in your package. Pick and choose the features that suit your club.

Features and options:

  • Eight or nine courts per sheet (more looks cramped)

  • Unlimited sheets!

  • Create membership classes.

  • Set advance booking limits per membership class.

  • Option : Members book online, but only for those courts that you allow.

  • Option : Hide the names on the sheets from members.

  • No-one can book in your name without you knowing.

  • Option : confirmation e-mails on book/cancel/edit

  • Option : Waitlists for times/courts.

  • Option : Automatic booking granting to waitlisted members and

  • First-come-first-serve clickfest on the day or clickfest always.

  • Set the starting time for each time slot.

  • Control the number of days ahead / time that bookings open.

  • Use either a 12 hour or 24 hour clock (e.g. 1 P.M. or 13h00)

  • Set demand levels per time slot.

  • Option : Two names required booking rule

  • Option : Require 4 names on doubles courts.

  • Option : “On Hold” opponents are automatically cancelled.

  • Switch quickly between different bookings sheets.

  • Set names & colours for Booking Types (e.g. Lessons, League, Clinics)

  • Option : Ban consecutive bookings.

  • Detailed audit trails

  • Recurring bookings

  • Multiple bookings

  • Option : Display bookings on prominently on a big LCD monitor

  • and much more