Box ladders

A box ladder is a game format where players are placed in boxes and over a given time period (called a session) each player will play against the other players in the box. Points are allocated for wins and the player(s) with the most points at the end of the session get promoted to a higher box while the player(s) with the lowest points get demoted to a lower box. Our ladders are different in that they are internet based and very flexible! They provide a great way for players to contact each other – contact details, including e-mail addresses are maintained by players themselves.


  • View who is in your box

  • Click on a players name to get contact info

  • Scores updated in box as soon as they are entered

  • Boxes updated monthly or every six weeks

  • All matches played, bonus scheme

  • View detailed history of each match you or your opponents have played

  • Newsletters – find out what the pro at your club has to say.