Personal Training

When you make it convenient for members to access your services online, they are more likely to take advantage of them. That adds to greater revenue and profit.

Giga Personal Trainer enables the trainer to view and adjust their schedule from anywhere making it super convenient… no more calling the club to see when you have a booking.

Use either for staff only or open it up to your members allowing them to schedule an appointment at a time you have made availabe. When a member makes a booking the Personal Trainer and member is sent an email advising them of the booking, reminder emails can also be sent reminding the client of their upcoming appointment…. no more missed appointments!

Features include….

  • Customized booking sheet

  • Booking Types (e.g. Evaluation, Personal training session etc)

  • Email confirmations – sent to both member and trainer

  • Reminder emails

  • Adjust your schedule easily to show your availability